The Académie des Métiers de la Diplomatie relies on a unique network of contacts worldwide to develop its activities and connect the know-how and skills of professionals. This pool of contacts is divided into various networks - Alumni Club, Diplomatic Club, partners, and faculty, including diplomats, international civil servants, business executives, experts, journalists, civil society representatives, and other professionals in international relations.    

alumni network

The alumni network is an online platform, multilingual (French and English), which aims to federate and connect national and international students who have passed through the International Diplomatic Academy or the Academy of Diplomacy. It aims to :

  • Bringing together alumni and facilitating links between them through an online directory, with private access to Who'sWho, via a search tool available on the website
  • Create an e-space for exchange, sharing, and feedback between alumni
  • Orienting and informing alumni on professional opportunities for career development, through the dissemination of job offers via the AMD newsletter
  • Keeping alumni constantly informed of the Academy's activities
  • Expand the professional network of alumni through events (conferences and informal meetings) organized by the Academy.
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diplomatic club of paris

The Paris Diplomatic Club is a networking platform for diplomats and international civil servants who are based in Paris, those who have passed through the International Diplomatic Academy (IDA) and the Academy of Diplomacy (AMD), as well as friends of the IDA and AMD. It aims to :

  • To develop friendly relations and mutual aid between its members
  • To create a space for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of best practices among its members
  • Gathering friends of the Academy who want to contribute to the development of its activities
  • To ensure the continuity and development of ties between the MDA and former beneficiaries and friends of the ILA
  • Expand the professional network of its members via events (conferences and informal meetings) organized by the Academy.


our speakers

The Academy, to conduct its program of activities and training, relies on a multidisciplinary team, consisting of high-level diplomats and witnesses, direct actors from the public and private sector, academics, experts, as well as representatives of international organizations, governmental organizations, and the media.

our partners

The Academy of Diplomacy relies on a large national and international network of partners from the public, private and independent sectors to develop its training, analysis, research and consulting activities. This pool includes governmental and non-governmental organizations, multilateral institutions, and think-tanks.


The Academy's press office is available to provide the media with any information or communications related to its mission, team, and program of activities. The press kit is only available upon request at:

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