The Académie des Métiers de la Diplomatie was born out of the desire to ensure the continuity and to continue the development and the influence of the training program of the International Diplomatic Academy since the cessation of its activities in 2018. As a result, it draws on forty years of experience in diplomacy and international affairs training, to offer each of the professionals in these fields the opportunity to strengthen their specific capacities, knowledge and know-how.

the training offer

Our training offer, delivered in person and online, is available in the form of intensive or extensive cycles. It covers all aspects of international relations in their diplomatic, political, economic and strategic aspects. The duration of the seminars varies from 1-2 days to 6 months depending on the programs offered.


A concrete pedagogical approach, based on the acquisition of knowledge and practical skills, is based on various options:

  • Conferences to provide fundamental knowledge and practical information
  • Workshops and simulation exercises to identify and analyze good practices
  • Case studies to facilitate understanding and reinforce expertise and know-how
  • Meetings with privileged interlocutors aiming at sharing experiences and know-how
  • Visits to French, European and international institutions allowing a better understanding of their functioning, their role, and the institutional mechanisms, and also to develop a relational and professional network.
The teaching, given in French and English, is conducted by eminent diplomats, experts, academics, as well as professionals from international organizations, non-governmental organizations, international companies, and the media.  

applied training

Protocol & Diplomatic Practice

Applied training to become familiar with the different styles and customs of protocol and diplomacy, and to acquire the skills necessary to prepare and organize events in a formal and informal setting.

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Careers in Diplomacy and International Affairs

This multidisciplinary program will provide you with a better understanding of key developments and issues in international relations, and will enable you to master the tools and operational techniques needed to act in an informed and effective manner in various diplomatic and international contexts.

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Pre-Assignment Seminar

For diplomats recently accredited to France

A special preparation to reinforce your knowledge of France, the practical functioning of its institutions, its information and influence networks, the main actors in French society and the political and economic sphere, as well as those of the European Union.

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specialization seminars

Media & Diplomacy

This workshop will provide you with a better understanding of the power of the media, and will enable you to master the techniques necessary to prepare press releases and interviews (TV, Radio, Print, Internet)

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International Negotiation

This workshop will give you a better understanding of the stakes and dynamics of negotiation in a bilateral and multilateral context, and will provide you with the key practical tools and techniques to prepare and conduct the negotiation process effectively in various professional situations.

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Crisis Management

This practical workshop will allow you to better understand crises and to master the operational techniques necessary to analyze, anticipate, intervene, communicate and resolve emergency and crisis situations.

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language courses

French for Diplomacy & International Relations

This course, oriented towards the development of oral and written expression and comprehension skills, will enable you to master the subtleties and nuances of the French language and to acquire the vocabulary necessary for communication and negotiation in diplomatic and international environments.

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English for Diplomacy & International Relations

This course will enable you to acquire the vocabulary and linguistic skills(oral and written) necessary to better understand and communicate with ease in English in professional situations specific to diplomatic and international activity.

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À La Carte training

À La Carte Training

Opting for an à la carte training allows to personalize and adapt the content according to the specific interests and needs expressed by the interested organization and to ensure confidentiality. Courses can be delivered online and/or in person on site or off site in France or abroad.

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