The Academic Council is a consultative body responsible for issuing opinions on all matters concerning training, research and consulting activities. It is also consulted on the recruitment of staff. It meets at least once a year to propose general policy guidelines for AMD's activities.

jean-claude cousseran

Former Ambassador

Jean-Claude Cousseran is the founding President of the Académie des Métiers de la Diplomatie, and former Director General of the Académie Diplomatique Internationale (ADI). He teaches at the Institut des Études Politiques de Paris. He has served as French Ambassador to Egypt, Turkey and Syria, and has held other diplomatic posts in Jerusalem, Beirut, Baghdad, Tehran and New York. He was also Advisor to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Director General of External Security (DGSE). He is active in the following fields: diplomatic actions, crisis management, negotiation strategies, security, and diplomacy.

paul poudade

Former Ambassador

Paul Poudade was a professor of International Relations at the Institut des Études Politiques de Sciences-Po Paris, and Director of the "Protocol and Diplomatic Practice" program at the ADI. He was Chief of Protocol of the President of the French Republic, and Ambassador of France to Guatemala, Hungary, and Turkey. He held various diplomatic positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the French Delegation to the United Nations in New York (1971-2007). In 2010, he was appointed assessor to the National Court of Asylum. Mr. Poudade is also director of the "Diplomatic Protocol" program at the Académie des Métiers de la Diplomatie, and conducts consulting missions and teaches courses specifically on diplomatic and international protocol and practices.

Christian connan

Former Ambassador

Christian Connan is co-founder and vice-president of the Académie des Métiers de la Diplomatie. He is a former student of the École Normale Supérieure de Saint-Cloud and of the ENA, and a diplomat. He has worked in the following fields: Franco-German relations, defense and security issues, Africa, development issues, and migration issues. He was Ambassador to Mali, Haiti and Cambodia. He had previously held positions in the Embassy (advisor to the political service, then Head of the cultural service at the French Embassy in Bonn, Minister Delegate Head of the Berlin Office), in the central administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ambassador delegated to co-development, Ambassador Personal Representative of the Head of State for the Great Lakes Region) and at the Ministry of Defense (Diplomatic Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces), and in the Cabinet (Assistant to the Diplomatic Advisor of the Minister of Defense, Director of the Cabinet of the Minister Delegate for Francophonie, Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Cooperation).
Retired, he is a consultant in international relations.

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